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Frequently asked questions

General questions

All general questions about cash out all app.
What is cash out?

Cash Out automatically places bets on the Betfair market to lock in a position. The Cash Out value is the minimum amount you would receive if you were to make a successful Cash Out.
Which markets can I cash out?

Cash Out is available on a wide variety of Betfair markets.
Is cash out amount guaranteed?

Cash Out amounts are not guaranteed as they are based on the live Betfair markets where prices are constantly moving. This means you may receive more than indicated, or your Cash Out may be unsuccessful or only partially successful.
What happens when cash out fails?

If a Cash Out is unsuccessful or partially successful then we will offer you a new Cash Out amount based on your revised position and the current prices in the Betfair market.
When a profit is credited back to my account?

Any reduction in exposure will be credited back to your account after placing a successful cash out bet and any profit made on the market will be paid when the market is settled.